Steel Sahhhhlute Steel Lovers!!

Fresh off the bark-laden, dusty trail of a local wilderness park and boy am I whipped. My brother in-law and nephew and I brought a small dump truck full of kidz to experience this outdoor excursion.    It was hotter than buhhhhhhhlazes, but we had a good time. 

No matter how this world changes, one thing remains the same…..the outdoor spirit kids possess!  Take a kid outside and let them release that inner call to nature!

Let’s talk knives now.  I did a call-out earlier in the week to see if anyone would join me in a wireless steel spirit knife review, but there were no takers.  None the less……I trudged forward!

I brought along my handsome Utica Cutlery Co.6 ¾” Adirondack Skinning Caping Knife and leather sheath, as promised, on our mission.

I started by slicing my finger as I was cutting green twigs for the hot dog roast.  What a knum knut I was.  Let’s not even go into the ways I cut my finger…..let’s just move forward.

I cut some small branches to use for our tent tarp.  I dug some crystalized resin (sap) out of the base of a pine tree.  I cut my grandsons hot dog, and I can’t remember what else.

Knife Details:
6 ¾” Overall Length
Cocobola wood handles
420C Stainless Steel Blade and tang all the way through
Solid Nickel Silver Bolster
Rockwell Hardness 56 – 59
Brass Liners
Taper Ground Edge
Full tang knife
Leather Fit Sheath

TripleF – (The fit, Finish & Functionality): 9.1
The brass liners had a smidge, smidge of space between the full tang blade near the bolster area.   This little lack of “attention to detail” makes one shrug their shoulders because the finish was just “that tinsy winsy close” to being perfect.
The handles are highly polishes, as is the blade and gives a collector appearance when first pulled from the box.
The knife functioned fine….ya know, it’s hard for a knife not to work when there are no moving parts to evaluate. 
The functionality really fell more into the category of “how the knife felt” in my hand.  I was able to sense full power of every inch of the blade. And to super charge the power I could slide my thumb or pointer finger up the spine of the knife, making the knife feel like an extension of palm to the end of my finger, if that makes any sense….


Re-sharpening: 8.8
Straight out of the box, I find that most Utica Cutlery Co. knives have a rough grind edge.  I attempted to erase those grind marks before putting it to use.  I was cutting paper with ‘er before I took ‘er to the field.
She did need to be re-sharpened after light use, so the edge holding capability was a little lacking.  
I stroked it down the strip stone.  Then over some 1500 grit sandpaper.  Then hit the strop, and whalah!

Accessibility: 10.0
Well, what do I say….it’s on my belt in its sheath….pretty easy to access quickly, that is, as long as you are in the great outdoors and not intermingling with the folks in the mall.  While this fixed blade Utica Cutlery knife doesn’t fit in the “pocket knife” category, I will score it per the title of the category “Acessibility” and that’s a 10!


Collectability: 7.0
Yeah, this knife is quite handsome, straight out of the package, but I’m not really sure if it’s collectible.  It is a production knife.  It would be cool to see Utica Cutlery manufacture these in limited handles.

Value: 9.8
Oh yeah!  With fixed blade “bushcraft” , hunting style knives approaching several hundred dollars, this knife is a helluva deal.  It’s a great value for the money……right at $40.00.  To top it off, it’s produced right here in the USA!

What I like best about this USA made fixed blade knife was the way she fit in my hand!  The handle was just the right size so my fingers weren’t overlapping.  One engulfed in my hand, the 3” blade was all that stuck out and it just seemed to be the perfect length to work with.   This knife would make a handy bushcraft knife in my opinion.  As I said earlier in a previous post I thought the knife was kinda small, but I’ll tell ya – I like it.    

Final Steel Sahlute Score = 8.94 Steel Sahlutes!

Thanks to Utica Cutlery Co!

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I appreciate your steel spirit and willingness to consider my blog!

 Steel Sahlute!
Scott Rauber