Utica UTK Cutlery Trapper Adirondack Knife Review

Deep from the rich woods of central upstate (8 minutes north of New York City isn’t “upstate”) comes this 2 blade trapper knife from Utica Cutlery, in Utica, New York.

Utica Trapper Knife Wood Handles (3) Utica Trapper Knife Wood Handles (2)

Steel Sahlute fellow knife enthusiasts!

I soooooooo long to be back in that region of the country, but I remain stranded where I am.  Back to the knife.

Initial thoughts are usually pure and true when handling any “new” item, and I’m still trying to put a razor edge on the clip point blade of this knife.  My initial, out of the box, out of the wrapper thought was – WOW, these grind marks on the edge are jagged.  And they still are jagged on the long spey blade. I haven’t even attempted to put an edge on that blade.  Let me say this, the stainless doesn’t sharpen like carbon steel does.

I know I’m starting off on the proverbial “wrong foot” by pointing out a flaw (IMHO), but like I mentioned – first impressions are pure and true.  It’s like dating a girl – if she’s got a flaw to begin with, it certainly ain’t goin’ away over time.

I love wood scales.  I also love bone and stag scales.  Now, initial first response of viewing these scales is – they look like the wood used on the cheaper imports.  Don’t you agree?  Isn’t that your first response?  I’m just saying……

 * * * There’s a peculiar thing I’ve learned here in reviewing this knife, and I’ve experienced before, as I bet you have with your knives – and that is……….you have to WANT to use the knife.  In other words, there has to be there little flicker of anticipation and excitement about using your knife that’s being called on to do the job.  If that flicker of excitement isn’t there…………………the knife doesn’t get used, the next knife you’re carrying does.  I always carry more than one knife – I assume you do as well!

lot5.17.13 055

So, with that peculiar thing (flicker of excitement) not being present for this knife, the "want" to use it isn't there.  You follow? So, I decided to end the review.  Sorry.  (It does pair quite knicely with my Ben Wade pipe so generously gifted to me by my pipe smoking friend, Bob!  Thanks bro).


The TripleF (Fit, Finish & Functionality):  6.0
Looks good.  Feels good.  It does.  Really. 
The spey blade had a tarnish/patina spot on it, near the nail nick, right from the get-go, and it had a smidge of wobble as well. 
I feel that the wood looks chincy, even though it is cocobolo.
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat powerful snap on both blades (I like good snap when a knife closes 😉 ).

The weak point was the cutting ability….It had a hard time cutting paper, as shown in pic below –

Lot5.30.13 001

Accessibility: 8.0
I carried this 2 blade pocket knife in my belt sheath so it was pretty easy to access, but it does require 2 hands to open.  Not that that’s a bad thing………………….it’s just that a “perfect edc knife” for me, requires one hand – like the Kershaw Leek.

Value: 8.0
It’s an American made knife.  What can I say?  I love American made knives!  In addition, they have a good warranty.

Collectibility: 6.0
I’ve been told that Utica Cutlery knives are meant to be collected.  Now, to be collected, they’ve got to be “WANTED”.  And, personally, I don’t feel that there is much “want” for Utica Cutlery products, unless it’s from the mid-century mark….


Summary –

If you can get an edge on these blades, you’ve got an American made winner, especially for under $40.00



Steel Sahlute Score:  7.0 Steel Sahlutes!


Thanks to the folks from Utica Cutlery (www.kutmaster.com ) for submitting this knife for review!!


Stay steel tuned!
Scott Rauber

EDC3.25.13 014