Utica Cutlery Co Barlow Adirondack Knife Review
End of the year STEEL SAHLUTE fellow knifers!
There’s something that stirs my spirit when I think of the western//upstate NY area because it’s where I’m from. The thought of cloudy days, fall leaves, brisk air, traveling the Thruway, and the great outdoors just warm the bolsters of my heart!  I hope to reside there again someday!
In the meantime I’m reconnected in my spirit to that area through this handsome hardwood handled,  2 blade barlow knife! This Utica Cutlery Co. knife was sent directly to me from the factory where they are produced, in Utica, NY. www.kutmaster.com
2 blade slip joint knife
Vivid hardwood handles (cocobolo)
420 Stainless Steel clip and pen blade.
Solid nickel silver bolsters w/ matching pins
3 ¼” closed length
Clip blade is 2 ¾” in length
Pen blade is 1 ¾” in length
Made in U.S.A.
The TripleF (Fit, Finish & Functionality): 7.7
Producing “perfect” knives isn’t easy for any company. When I review a pocket knife the first action I take is opening and closing the blade, in this case: blades.
Immediately, I knoticed a little side-to-side wobble. Not much, but it was there on both blades. I gotta admit…….I wasn’t impressed. And there was, and still is, some minor spacing between the liner and the frame.
Getting used to the nail nick on the clip blade took a little getting used to as the majority of it is hidden behind the pen blade. Not a huge problem, but it took a little getting used to.
So, the fit and finish aren’t up to snuff in my book……..
The functionality of the knife is fine. I’ve been carrying it for 3 or 4 weeks and I just placed an edge on the clip blade.
I will tell you this……I loved the plumpness of this barlow knife. The wood handles are not skinny – they’re  ¾” wide at the butt end. It fits very nicely in the palm of your hand.
The clip blade had good snap out of the box, and the pen blade had great snap out of the box. 

Re-Sharpening – 9.0
I judge my re-sharpening skills to be average AT BEST! And the older USA made Camillus knives are the easiest to re-sharpen in my limited experience.
Regarding this Utica Cutlery Adirondack Barlow I re-sharpened the blade with the Smith’s Pocket Pal sharpener, and a vintage Wilson Sycamore St, Sheffield England sharpening steel and was able to inflict a paper-cutting edge to the blades.

As of this knife review, I’ve yet to re-sharpen the pen blade but it still cuts paper!

Accessibility – 8.8
I like my knives fast and easy. This is definitely a two-hand opening knife and you have to get’cher thumb nail in just the right position on the clip blade to bring the blade to usable position. The pen blade nail nick is easily accessible.

As you know, one hand opening, pocket clip accessibility is the center of a perfect score to “me” when reviewing a knife. Anytime the other hand must be used to procure the blade for use…..I deduct a little on the Accessibility score.

I carried this knife on my belt, in a sheath.   
Collectability – 8.8
I know some of the older Kutmaster/Utica knives have some collector value, but not sure how these knives will do. I will tell you this – I think any of the Utica Cutlery USA made knives would display beautifully in a gun cabinet or table top display in a man cave. The mirror polish and brilliant colors, and in this case wood grain, are a perfect fit for display.
I just don’t know if they’ll be as collectible in 50 years as their ancestors have been.
Value – 9.9
First – it’s made in the USA! Fist bump!
Secondly, the price. This barlow pocket knife can regularly be purchased for UNDER $40.00…..and I’ve seen it under $30.00.
Tell me, where else you can purchase an American made knife, with a proven 100+ year history, for under $40.00? Can’t be done!   

Final Steel Sahlute Score – 8.84!