Sahlute fellow steel brothers!!

Last week I won a "knife lot" on eBay.  Besides the Chicago Cutlery P13 Serpentine folder,  there was a sleek, reved up, batmobile-esque piece of cutlery by Vernco.  

After researching the Internet and two knife reference books, the only info. I can provide is what is found on the blade of this Vernco Hand-Honed HI-CV Stainless Japan folding pocket knife.  

And one more little steel shaving….this knife is extremely, incredibly, ridiculously S-H-A-R-P.  Imagine for a moment, the way we test a knife's sharpness.  We fearfully graze our thumb over the blade to feel the "grab" of the steel. 

Grab?  Yeah, that's the word I'm looking for here…..the knife grabs the first groove in your fingerprint and you ain't grazin' no more.  No sir. 

By the way, this knife is listed on eBay……ends tomorrow night (4//24/11)
I hate to sell it (so I found another Vernco on eBay and bought it) but here's the link:

ADDITIONAL PIC of Vernco Knife with plastic handles removed and replaced with magnificently beautiful Mahogany wood (see below):