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Saturday Steel Sahlute fellow steel brothers and sisters!!!

This week I am selling a discontinued Kershaw Baby Boa in silver color (only ever seen a picture of one before) from 2005, a discontinued Camillus Blaze. Both knives are assisted open knives and rock the crock when opening!!

In addition I have a beautiful 1940 – 1964 Case XX 61024 ½ in red bone.  Talk about beautiful….absolutely gorgeous, but being 50 years old it does show wear and it has a small chip near the rear pin on the mark side……still a steel sahlute steal at $89.99.  Were the knife in mint or excellent condition it would bring $150.00 or more!

Plus….a Schrade USA Old Timer 18OT, Kabar 1133 (Sailors rope knife), Camillus #40 (half congress) 2 blade knife, a vintage Craftsman socket set and more! 



Don’t be afraid to make me an offer…….I accept 99% of the offers I receive on my ebay items!

Steel Sahlute!
Scott Rauber