Sometimes a knife will give me chills in a good way, not a scared way!!

I purchased this USA made Imperial PROV RI 3 blade cattle knife on ebay for cheap….

It is precisely 75 years old (as oh 12/6/17).  How do I know the age? 

1). Tang stamp indicates production from 1936 – 1952

2). There's no brass on this knife anywhere.  Brass was reserved for producing ammo during WWII, which ran from 1939 – 1945.

3). The liners are made of steel, not brass.

4). If you look closely you can faintly see US (short for United States) free hand etched on one bolster, indicating to me
someone in the military was toting this knife.

5). Then this link from Camillus Military shows production of 500,000 piece for Imperial in 1942!


Gotta love these old knives…..and it still is tight with very good snap.  And if you haven't experienced the edge of an old Imperial (USA made) knife, you should head over to ebay and pick up a couple.  Don't worry if they're ugly…'s ok.


Steel Sahlute fellow knifers!!