Sunday morning steel spirit greetings!!

I wanted to share this handy little tool with my fellow knife collectors who follow this blog….yes, all three of you……

It's your basic bartender corkscrew knife made by CAMCO, but what I found unique, after searching these out on eBay, is this has two qualities not seen on the other CAMCO knives like it:

1). Position of the bottle opener.  In all the others I found on eBay, the bottle opener "curve" was on the blade.  In this one it's part of the actual body.

Below pic shows can opener on blade.

2). No fob.  Mine has a fob/keychain loop right above the bottle opener for carrying/attaching to watch chain, pocket chain or what have you. 

I just knoticed another difference.  Mine has NO bolsters!!

I wonder which was made first and why the changes were implemented?