A customized Steel Sahlute goes out to my fellow knife enthusiasts today as I present to you these re-handled Camillus NY USA knives.

First is the Scout utility knife. I should have taken pics when it arrived, as what remained of the previous handles were easily removed with the screwdriver blade on my Victorinox Classic Swiss Army knife, but I didn’t.

What I do have now……….. is pics of the re-handled vintage Camillus Scout knife with cow horn handles.



Then, I have this totally epic re-handled Camillus electricians knife which just so happens to be for sale on eBay (I’ll post the link to that auction after the pics).


Little closer look the the handles:


And, if you're interested in owning the electrician's knife here's the link to the eBay listing.  Jump on it before she's gone!
Click Here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Custom-Cow-Horn-Camillus-NY-USA-Electricians-Knife-Re-handled-GORGEOUS-/200829091683?pt=Collectible_Knives&hash=item2ec258bf63 

Steel sahlute to bringing the vintage into the future!!  Here! Here!