Vintage CASE XX Scout/Utility/Camp 4 Blade Knife 6 Dot 1974


Who’s a man’s best friend?  Not a dog for this cat, rather a CASE XX camp/utility knife….yesssssuuuuhhhhhhhhh!  And I am happier than a steel blade on a polishing wheel at the WRCASE factory!

The evolution of my steel spirit since I started a daily routine of knife viewing, buying and reselling, along with my grandchildren having a healthy interest for the outdoors, has led me to “WANTING” this very knife in particular.

Why this knife in particular you ask?

First, given the opportunity, for any individual, the best of the best would always be preferred. Since I had handled numerous scout/utility/camp knives from a number of different US manufacturers like Camillus, Imperial, Colonial, Ulster and so on, over the past couple years, but never a CASE Scout Utility. 

I’m well aware of the powerful influence that Case knives have on knife users and collectors, and I know their quality is second to none.

Mix that with the need to carry a 4 blade knife capable of making the “Poppy” of my grandsons look like a super hero, I thought I should carry a knife adequate to the outdoor missions that could present themselves.

And, going back to the first point – there’s always that inner desire and want to have the best.  I don’t know if that desire is a steel spirit desire, a better than the “Joneses” desire, or supporting American made, or a combination of all, but it’s a powerful presence.

And, one more connection……this type of knife connects me to my first knife memory, which is connected to the scar on my knee.  😉

BTW, I traded a Case White Bone Copperlock for this beauty! 

Steel Sahlute!

P.S. – Gadgets for your scout/camp knive for you gadget lovers like me: