Fellow knife friends…..feast your eyes on this beauty!

I stumbled on this epic pocket knife on ebay a little while back!  

The only thing missing on this is the bail.  

I happened to receive an email a week after I purchased this knife from Al Paolantonio.  Yes sir, that's a son of one of the
three Paolantonion brothers founding fathers!!  Since I had an email address now from Al, I decided to inquire about this rare 3 blade elctricians knife.

Al replied back indicating that he thought the time span of production was probably the 1960's – 70's and that it was
his idea to add the hawkbill/pruning blade!! In addition he informed me that the scales are made of rosewood. 

There's some hard to get info right there! 

Enjoy the pics!

Coloinal Wood sclaes 3 blade knife  Colonial 3 Blade Electgrician Knife  Colonial Hawkbill Electrians KnifeColonial hawkbill 3 blade wood scales electricians knife


Steel Sahlute!