Vintage Colonial 4 Blade Scout Camp Knife 1940’s

Steel Sahlute fellow lovers of the steel.

Colonial Scout Knife 4 Blade  (2) Colonial Scout Knife 4 Blade  (3)

Even in less than good condition how can you not love this vintage Colonial knife?

Robert Paolantonio (grandson of founding father Frederick) dates this knife to the early 40’s, possibly earlier (in a reply to a post and picture I made on  making this knife prit near 70 years old!

Colonial Scout Knife 4 Blade  (1)











The tang stamp reads:
COLONIAL (curved)





In this post  Robert (aka Bonfire Bob) also stated that the bolsters are nickel silver and solid pin construction!  What a treat it is to learn from blood descendent that also worked at the factory and began his own cutlery firm.


For more info and pics on vintage Colonial knives click on COLONIAL on left.

Steel Sahlute!