Vintage 1940’s Colonial Barlow 2 Blade Pocket Knife

It’s the law of knife lot purchases that eventually you stumble on something a little rarer than normal, but I did just that with this Colonial barlow knife.

After posting pictures of ‘er on , bonfirebob (aka Robert Paolantonio, grandson of founding father Frederic Paolantonio) filled me in on some additional history regarding this knife.  According to Bobby, it was probably produced during the mid-1940’s and the item # was 292 and accompanied solid nickel silver bolsters. 

Notice the worm grove jigged plastic handles.  I’ve handled quite a few barlows by Colonial over the past couple years and this is the first one I’ve seen with the jigged handles.  Mostly, they are a smooth or sawcut plastic.

Tang stamp can barely be read:

And "U.S.A" is stamped on secondary pen blade.

It’s fascinating to me to handle vintage pocket knives like this and especially be able to talk with a direct relative and someone I now call friend in Bobby Paolantonio!  It’s a pleasure to connect knives with history and memories…..

Steel Sahlute!


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