I consider myself extremely furtunate to be receiving priceless information on Colonial Knife Co. from two different, but related, sources.

Friday I received some vintage advertising from Steve Paolantonio, the current Presiden of Colonial Knife Co www.colonialknifecorp.com

If you're a Colonial Knife fan, you're gonna dig these images!!

Ranger Ultrahoned Barlow.  Image from 1979 catalog:

Back side. Ad image for Ranger Knife Walnut Framed Knife Merchandiser


I don't recall exactly how ads were done back in "the day", but they certainly weren't done like they are today!

Check out the step-by-step process for Stainless Steel Knives by Swiss Master Style No. 6008 displayed below:


Here's what I believe to be is the background image for a standing knife dislay that will feature the
Roy Rogers Jack Knife


Much respect and props to Steve Paolantonio at Colonial.  BTW, Steve is the grandson of one of the original founding fathers (Antonio) of Colonial.

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Smothered in the Colonial steel spirit!!