Sometimes the steel gods lead you down a certain path of heightened awareness of a particular knife manufacturer.  Recently, I've been orbiting around the Colonial Knife Company of old. 

Today proved to be another Colonial day as I acquired a Ranger 2-Blade Jack Knife by Colonial.  Because of the size (less than 3" when closed) this knife is also referred to as "peanut." 

The Ranger shield on the mark side of this line of Colonial Knives represented a more durable upgrade in handle materials very similar, if not the same as the delring handles used on the USA made Schrade Old Timers.

Here's the page of the Ranger line of knives from a late 90's catalog:

Now, with the knife:

Somehow finding this knife, still new in the package, and using the late 90's Colonial Knife catalog as a back drop prop, just move the steel spirit within.