I'm sure Mr. Schrade didn't I'd be praising his invention some 50+ years later in my knife blog, but alas, here we are in this sliver of time.

Geo. Schrade Knife Co. was using that identification to stamp his knife creations from 1929 – 1956.

I acquired this knife in a trade with a fellow vintage knife enthusiast recently, and frankly, it was sitting on my knife shelf collecting dust until today. 
Today I decided to carry a lighter knife, but didn't want it buried at the bottom of my pocket, so I attached this paracord, and let the remaining part of the cord dangle from the outside of my pocket, enabling me to access the knife quickly.  If you follow this knife blog, and watch my reviews, you know how improtant easy access to my knife is.

Anyhow, check out the pics, and at the bottom of the post there is a link to a website with the most detailed info on Geo. Schrade Wire Jack Knives to be found.  And you gotta love the name of his site: GuyCard.com 

Steel Sahlute to cool inventions!

Wire Jack Knives:

and I just found this thread loaded with info: