This barlow style knife is something to behold even with the broken blade.

According to Blades Guide to Knives and Their Values this knife is very possibly part of Gilbert, Henry & Son Hardware in Harrisburg, PA. which accoding to the guide was started in 1840 and ended in 19??

Great snap in both blades, even though one is broke.
Bone handles have some scratches, front has a crack near the center pin.
One blade is broke as indicated in pics.
Both blades have GILBERT stamped above HARRISBURG.
The back of the main blade (broken) has the number 205 stamped.

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This shows them in business in 1900: 

Hardware Dealers magazine, February 1910, pg 342: 

Ad in 1852 

I received an email reply yesterday from Dauphin County History –

Thank you for your inquiry.

Henry Gilbert & Son Hardware is first listed in the 1843 Harrisburg directory. Henry Gilbert (1818-1887) the founder was born in Harrisburg and was also one of the organizers of the Harrisburg Car Works, which made railroad cars. He also was an original stockholder in the Lochiel Iron Works in South Harrisburg, and the Pennsylvania Steel Company in Steelton, which later became Bethlehem Steel. Gilbert was eventually joined in the hardware business with his sons, Lyman D. Gilbert and Spencer C. Gilbert. The store was located on Market Street for most of its history but moved to 400 South Second St. in 1918. The last listing we have for the store is 1928.