Steel sahlute to starting the weekend off!  Friday's are the first day of the weekend, right?  Oh well….

Most times you see this KAMP KING pocket knife with IMPERIAL PROV RI USA stamped on the tang.  On this knife, you see HAMMER BRAND stamped on the tang, which by the way is a part of Imperial Knife Co, it was the stamp used between 1945 – 1955.

This was the "survival" knife before survival was the planned weekend outing.  Heck, back in the day, everybody had a knife similar to this.  Even I had one.  I don't think mine was this exact brand, but it was this style of survival / scout / utility pocket knife with a bail.  I think I still have the scar to prove it. 

Equipped with 1095 carbon steel blades, can opener, screwdriver, leather punch, and drop point main blade, these can still be found and purchased, quite reasonably, on eBay. 

Steel Sahlute to vintage "survival" tools! 😉