Vintage (made between 1946 and 1956 see chart below) Imperial PROV U.S.A. cracked ice 2 blade folding Jack Knife advertising The PREMIER AUTOWARE Company in Cleveland, Oh and Los Angeles, Ca.
Serial number #'s on small blade: 2170537 2281782

Imperial Prov USA pocket knife tang dating code:


Hammer Brand 2 blade pocket knife made between 1938 – 1941 (according to the link tang dating code link above)


Hammer Brand USA 2 blade pocket knife.
By viewing the tang stamp with a magnifying lens I was able to determine that this knife was from the 1945 – 1955 production time frame.


An Imperial jack knife from 1956 – 1988
Patent numbers: 2284833, 2689400, 2479855

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