Vintage Imperial USA Boy Scout Knife 1946 – 1956 (tang stamp indicates production between this time frame)
 & Memory Lane

A hearty steel sahlute fellow lovers of the steel.


The other day I scored this knife in a lot I won on eBay.  It’s a rocket ship blast off to memory lane and my first and fondest memory of “my” knife.  Sheeeeeesh, I was, what……..maybe 9 or 10 years old (which by the way is plenty old enough to carry a knife).   I was whittling some twig with a scout knife very similar to this…..may have been a Camillus, an Imperial, a Boker, or I don’t know which manufacturer, but one things for sure…….it was made in the USA!


Anyhow, I’m whittling.  It’s summer, I’m wearing shorts in western New York. My knees are slightly crouched up towards my chest, my back against the foundation of our home,  as I sit on the ground in some bushes next to the house that was headquarters for  our secret fort.  Oh yeah, you know what I’m talkin’ about – the bush fort.  We didn’t call it then, but it was tight…..could fit two kids – max.  Getting in through the sides was torture as the little twig branches had grown back juuuuuuuuuuuuuust enough since we last trimmed them, to reach out and scratch our skin, but we forced onward as we knew the reward was total seclusion from others.  This was the MacDaddy of secrecy.  Just you and a buddy, your brother……..and your knife.

OUCH!  &$*%&#%(#@ I just cut myself I screamed under my breath.  You pictured that happening when I told you my legs were crouched up towards my chest earlier didn’t you?  Yeah. 

Just the tip of the blade grazed my skin, near my knee, and 40 years later, I’m proud to say I still have the scar from that day.  Ahhhhhhhhhh, yes.  Memories.   

This style of camp/utility/scout/survival (we didn’t call it survival back then, we just went with the Boy Scout Motto – Always Be Prepared) was the knife I was using and am growing more and more fond of these days.  Not just because of the memory it secures for me, but also for their use and durability.

The knife here is, at this time at LEAST 56 years old, with a possibility of being 66 years old.  And let me tell ya, this MUH-GILLA is still a stud!  Uptight and outta sight.  Walks and talks, like it just rolled off the factory floor. And, boy-oh-boy, does she take a keen and fast edge.  WOW    :O

If you don’t have one of these classic pieces of American rich history and craftsmanship, you should blast over to eBay and getcha one, or two.  Occasionally, I come across them in knife lots that I purchase, if you want me to contact you when I land one I’ll be glad to do so.  Contact me and I’ll put your name on the list to contact when one of these comes in!


Have a stellar steel day!