Steel Sahlute fellow Steel Saluters!!  WOoot Wooot!


One of the beautiful things about buying and reselling knives is the knives that stop by my address for s short visit.

Recently this vintage (tang stamp indicates 1936 – 1952 for years of production) Imperial Boy Scout BSA 3 blade whittler knife made a stop by. 


What a slick knife. 

It has a coping blade (squared off blade) and two clip point blades.  A knice long pull (nail nick slot) is ever present on the main blade.  The handles are probably a composite.  Brass liners and nickel silver bolsters I presume.  (Please let me know if this info is not correct).

Also, please note the super hero shield on the markside handle – Boy Scouts Eagle and the words “Be Prepared.”  Gotta love the Boy Scouts.  Support a scout today wouldcha?  They are always in search of funds to help experience the outdoors lifestyle that is so sorely missed in today’s world. 


By the way, here’s a link that is loaded with vintage scout knives and shields identifications:


Listen, thanks for stopping by.  Hope you’ll do so again soon!


Until then….sahlute the steel!!