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Every once in a while I stumble on a knife that is just epic, rare and hard to find…..and hard to find info on.



KabarScoutCampKnifeKabar red scout knife Kabar4 blade camp knife Ka-bar vintage rare camp knifeDSCN6453So I set out to provide info on both:

I did contact Kabar and was provided with this info-
-The item# is/was R466
– Handle is fibroid
– Produced during the 50's to the 70's.
– Brass liners

In addition, I've read on my favorite knife site: that the can opener/cap-lifter and screwdriver  blades
were proprietary products of The Robeson Cutlery Company (Thanks Charlie!)


Made in Olean, NY! 

Steel Sahlute my knife friends!


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P.S. – In addition, this knife is currently listed for sale on ebay by me.