Knife Restoration, Rust Removal on Knives 

I help bring old rusty, tattered, painted, abused pocket knives back to life. See before and after pics below.  No power tools used. All work done by hand.

If you have a family heirloom knife that is rotting away and want it restored and the rust & paint removed I can do that.  I don’t have to take the staining and pitting off.  I can remove the rust and paint only, and then oil.

Knives can be restored to a total polish (nice and shiny) or what I call "presentable finish" where the rust is removed BUT a patina is still present.  Most knife collectors favor a partial restore – meaning presentable. 

Please contact me (via email) for pricing, but generally I charge $25.00 per knife and you pay shipping.


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Updated….just completed this knife restoration 2/6/18 – Utica Girl Scout Knife 

Top 2 Pics (Before) Bottom 2 (after)