How's about takin' a ride on the Dorlean Time Machine and rocket back into steel time 80 plus years or so?

New York Knife Co., Walden, NY was in business from 1856 until the Great Depression forced them out in 1931.

According to knife resource books the Hammer Brand logo should be stamped on the back of the tang but I can not see it even using my 10 power magnifying lens.

I'll simply state the obvious…'s EPIC to hold a knife that has walked through time and withstood use and abuse to arrive here in the 2000's
for a trip on  Simply EPIC.

The pleasure this knife has brought to many tasks for 80 or more years deserves an Ultimate Steel Sahlute!!

Stay in the steel,

P.S. – This knife is being auctioned by me right now on eBay (ends Dec. 4, 2011):