Feast your eyes on this handsome piece of vintageryness (yeah, I know that's knot a word……..but it is now! 🙂 )

The reason I have this listed as a Scout slash Utility knife is because it's just like a scout knife.  Especially if you look in Blade's Guide to Knives and Their Values, 7th Edition, pg. 270 you'll see this exact knife…….just with a different sheild and printing on the main blade.  Soooooooo, that's how I deduct that this is a Scout/Utility knife.

Ulster Knife Co. was in business from  1876 to 1941 according to this tang stamp.  It has a knice long pull on the main blade and razor sharp can opener which dates it's epicness. 
Made by Dwight Divine & Sons in Ellenville, NY USA!

And what a better way to sahlute the stell than with a fine hand-rolled cigar!!

Cigar Steel Sahlute!!