Determining old, and USA made is becoming easier to do…..
To confirm; simply take selected USA made item (knives are what we discuss here), place in path of stampeding buffalo's. 
Item will survive stampede as if it was made to.  That's just the way we used to do things!  Urgh, urgh, urgh.

And that's the way this Ulster metal knife feels.  Heck, it feels like a buffalo….it's got umph.  It's got hooofs-spah! (Oh yeah, I like that letter combination). 😉

Steel Sahlute to this vintage (Ulster went out of business in 1941) knife:

Heck, it's sooooo beefy it even has MOOSE stamped on the handle. Mahooooooooooooooose!!!!

BTW, this knife will be auctioned on eBay for 3 days starting this evening at 8:30. 

A standing strong in the stampede steel sahlute to ULSTER and American made goodness!!