Knife history and collection is very intriguing.  Over the past year I've had the pleasure of subtantially increasing my knife knowledge (even though I still don't know diddly) and acquantinces.  One of whom was a former Schrade Imperial Knife salesman/product promoter, Dan Maldet.  After a few e-mails I finally decided to ring Dan. 

As we talked on the phone I came to discover he, well, I'll let you read the story……… 

One year my wife presented me with a 100.00 Schrade Loveless Knife for Christmas.

I thought it was too much money to pay for a knife so I requested she return it.  Keep in mind, my idea of a pocket knife back then was something you invested $1.99 in and when you lost it, you purchased another.

At that time I was working for Woolworth’s and they didn’t carry Schrade knives. 

Wondering how Schrade could get their knives into Woolworths I visited the Schrade plant (only 5 blocks from where I was)  and witnessed a grandfather, father and son, all  skilled craftsman, artfully making knives.

Next thing I knew I was working for Schrade.

I worked in every department at the plant to gain a better understanding of what I would be selling.  In addition, I visited the Schrade-Imperial  Knife Plant in Providence, RI  in an attempt to gear up for the launching of the Frontier Line.  

My job would be what was called “missionary” work.  I would travel to retailers instructing salesman how to sell the Imperial Line.  As a matter of fact Bob “The Deacon of Knives”  Ernst’s job was to design the sales pitch and I was field support.  In addition I created the Imperial Knife Display Case.

I called on a number of retailers and sales soared.  Sales for Schrade/Imperial went from 12 million to 44 million and this was back in 1978.  Occasionally I would travel back to the Schrade factory in Ellenville, NY and acid etch scenes on Uncle Henry (127UH) knives and then offer them as a THANK YOU gift for purchasing a Frontier Knives Display.

At that time I thought nothing of the collectible value.  As life would have it, my children have gained interest in these hand-etched Uncle Henry’s and I am feverishly searching for them. 

Any help obtaining these knives would be greatly appreciated!!

If anybody has a Schrade Uncle Henry 127UH hand etched with a scene signed by Dan Maldet please contact him:

Steel Sahlute!