A surprised steel sahlute steel brothers and sisters!

Why surpised, you're thinking?

As some of you know, who follow this knife blog, I am in the habit of flipping knives! No, knot as in a knife trick, rather a knife realtor if you will, by buying knife lots and re-selling them individually.

A couple weeks ago I won this knife lot:

I really wanted this LOT for the Imperial Easy Open bone WWII Army knife.  It's on the way back from being re-handled as I write.

Anyhow.  Look at the fixed blade knife with the electricians tape around the handle.  Got it?

So, today, I'm fumbling around on eBay, searching out knives, and I decide to look for a different fixed blade Colonial Knife I won in a different auction and search: Colonial Fixed Blade.

I scroll on through the first few results and I see a knife that looks kinda cool with a moose on the handle.  Funny thing is, the handle is shaped just like the knife I have, that's covered in electicians tape.

I scrambled to find the Colonial fixed blade knife as shown in the above pic.

Look what was hiding undermeath all that tape…….a MOOSE!!!

Surprised in Steel!!