Swiss Army Knife Which One?  What Swiss Army Knife should you buy?

Multi Tool Steel Sahlute fellow Steel Lovers!!

Recently I found myself trying to determine which Swiss Made (Switzerland) Victorinox multi tool knives would answer the question – Which Swiss Army Knife should I have?

There’s only like 8 buh-zillion options!!  And that’s just in red handles!!  JK.


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1). Classic

swiss army knife classic small
(An absolute must have for men and women)  This small 58mm (you’ll notice after a while that Swiss Army Knives are best found by length in mm’s) is the most commonly carried of them all.  And I believe when someone mentions….SWISS ARMY KNIFE…’s what comes to mind.

I’ve carried one in my front pocket for 20+ years.  And believe me when I tell ya…..I DO NOT LEAVE HOME WITH OUT THIS KNIFE.  I’ve only misplaced (lost) it a couple times, but I was freaking out when I couldn’t find it.  Now I have a backup or 2!

This small Victorinox has scissors, blade, nail file with small screwdriver end, tweezers, toothpick, and keyring.  I mostly use the toothpick, but have used the other instruments (tools) a number of times for many different reasons!

Many people attach this directly to their keyring (my buddy Bob does), but are heartbroken when confiscated at the airport L . Remember to remove before you fly if this is how you carry it. 

You should have at least one,  with another on standby!

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Oh……..and by the way……never, …….ever,……………. ever settle for one of those little cheapie promotional do-jobbies…..Good Lord, no! 



swiss army knife what one
91mm (Essentially a scout/camp knife)
Remember the vintage 4 blade scout knives by Camillus, Imperial, Case, etc?  Those knives were all you needed when you went camping or hiking….
The equivalent in the Swiss Army multi tool arena is the Spartan.  It not only has 4 blades, it also totes a Cork Screw.  And for those who travel with bottles of wine….well, there ya go!


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Don’t plan on using the cork screw?
3).Check out the Victorinox Tinker.

swiss army knife tinker camping

Replacing the wine opener with a Phillips blade.  That's the TINKER!

Need a little more UMPH?  Check out the….


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swiss army knife saw blade
Same as the above mentioned Tinker, except they add a SAW BLADE!  Oh yeah.  And believe me when I tell ya, this blade will maul down some small branches.  My grandsons (5 and 7 at time of this writing) have loved using the saw blade on this knife!  I have 2 on hand, in addition to my Champion Plus.  


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5). Camper
swiss army knife camper corkscrew
Same as the Hiker, except it replaces the Phillips with corkscrew.  Depends on if you drink wine or not……

Hard to beat for $24.99 CLICK







swiss army vicotrinox magnifying lens knife champion plus







I’ve been carrying this beast for about a month….every day!  It’s a staple in my EDC at this point.  I love it!
Not only does this Swiss Army Multi Tool have a saw blade it also has:
Magnifying Glass
Fish Scaler
Scissors (larger than those on the Classic).
Metal Saw
Inline Phillips Screwdriver
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7). Don’t need the metal saw blade?  Check out the OUTDOORSMAN….it has the same features, without the metal saw blade. BUT, it is discontinued!




There is one more I’d like for you to see…….the DO-ALL, Conquer ALL…….


swiss army swiss champ multi tool
The Multo TOOL of Multi Tool's!
Loaded with 33 functions and 64 parts!  Good Golly Miss Molly!


Which Swiss Army knife should I buy and carry?  I hope you have a better idea now.  The quality of these Made in Switzerland knives are second to none…..







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Steel Sahlute to Multi Tool Knives!
Scott Rauber




P.s. – Don't stop reading here, there's an awesome article below by Laura Cromwell of Cabela's!!

Need a sheath! There are sheaths for these rascals too!



Five Reasons a Woman Needs a Swiss Army Knife
Contributed by Laura Cromwell, Cabela’s


Since I was 10 years old, my Victorinox Swiss Army knife has been a steadfast friend that has uncapped bottles, opened cans, cut stray threads, tightened up loose screws, pulled out splinters and countless other tasks. It was a gift from my now departed Grandaddy that has not only served me dutifully, but is the tool that began my collection and respect for knives. Below are five reasons why every woman needs one.

  1. It’s a toolkit for her purse— The fact that a Swiss Army knife consolidates most of the necessities found in a woman’s handbag is reason enough to get her one. While she may never need the blade, the tweezers, scissors, nail file or corkscrew will get plenty of use.
  2. They’re compact— The Victorinox line has sizes as small as 2.3” and as long as 4.4” in closed length. For a tool as long as the average cell phone, a Swiss Army knife hardly consumes space.    
  3. They save the day—When I was at a military ball a few years ago, I came across a frantic young soldier who was in need of a screwdriver. Immediately I took mine out and loaned it to him. Unless I carried a Phillips-head screwdriver in my purse, I would never have been able to help. You’re welcome, Uncle Sam.
  4. They withstand abuse—Combine stainless steel, aluminum alloy plus durable housing and you’ve got long-lasting performance that will last for decades. After 18 years packed with moves, outdoor adventures and minor household repairs, my Swiss Army knife is still going strong.
  5. They grant independence—While it may be the only knife she’ll carry, you provide her with a lasting, trustworthy instrument. My Swiss Army knife was a gateway to independence, a way to fix most of life’s minor inconveniences all on my own, no matter where I go.

If there’s a lady you love that doesn’t have one, supplying her with a Swiss Army knife is gifting her with not only a permanent companion, but an appreciation for the minds who created one of the greatest man-made tools.