Steel Sahlute fellow knifer's!

It's been a littlw while since I posted so I thought I'd chime in with what knives I'm carrying (EDC = Every Day Carry) as of today.

I'm in the process of reviewing this beautiful Case XX Chestnut Bone Backpocket Folding Knife. 

You can see I've got a 550 paracord tied to 'er for EDC carry.  The paracord drapes over the outside of my pocket for easy access.  😉
CASE Knife Club Membership is only $20.00 per year.  Did you know you can sponsor up to 2 youngsters, under the age of 16, in the Case Knife Club?  I didn't.

Teaching young men and women proper respect for knives, instead of fear, is educating them properly.


In my belt sheath I'm carrying a Camco that has been customized for me.  It's now Sunset Orange Bone Easy Open Camco folding knife. A firend, Dale Orvet of Orvet Customs is retiring from knife work and I'm carrying this to acknowledge his craftmanship and friendship!  Steel Sahlute Dale!!


Steel Sahlute!