Case Knives Steel Sahlute!

All across this great land hunters are sneaking into the woods in pursuit of elusive game.

Whether hunting, camping, exploring, hiking or planning for survival; be sure to add these two Case Knives products to your backpack.

As stated in my video I am not in a position to experience the outdoors as I would like.  I live in a well-populated area in Florida and outdoors experiences are hard to come by……none the less these knives don’t need me to be in the outdoors to perform the tasks required!

The Case XX Camo Hobo Knife # LT354HB SS is absolutely perfect and for eating any type of venison which was cut by the Case Fixed Blade 365-5 SS.  J Or elk, or moose, or caribou, or whatever wild creature has been harvested to fill the need for protein the body has.

Even though I didn’t sit around the campfire and use my Case Hobo which comes complete with fork, knife and spoon, I was able to enjoy a couple of dinners in my home.  The tool performed flawlessly and cleaned up very knicely too, I might add!

The lightweight camo Zytel handles and stainless steel blades make this a near indestructible knife just by the components used in manufacturing.   

In addition to a great camping/outdoor knife it’s also one to keep on hand for survival situations…… just sayin’.


The Case XX Fixed Blade Leather Hunter is built around a hand-made stainless steel mirror polished, concave ground blade that measure 5 inches.  The entire knife is 9 inches in length.  Included is a sturdy leather sheath for toting the knife on your hip.  The conquering power will be with you.

I promise you, you won’t be disappointed in these Case XX knives.  Not only will they deliver, they’ll be there like your dog for years and years and years!

Steel Sahlute to the outdoors spirit!!

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