Steel Sahlute fellow knifers! (And if you’re not a knife carrier… should be).


Touted as the Best Every Day Carry Work Knife by the fine folks at DPH ( ) I was asked to review one.

Work Knife Review (1)


Naturally anything that’s touted as the best, just like last years champion has to and will be called to task! You just can’t allow the best to go unchallenged, right?


I received my Work Knife in the mail in January. Immediately I began using and carrying it, and did so almost DAILY for the next 4 months. I don’t work in the field or on a farm but when reviewing a knife I look for opportunities to put it to use!


Before I forget, here’s the Details:


4 ½" G10 Tuff-Tack Comfort Grip
3 ⅜" Heavy-Duty Satin Finished Spear Point Blade
Stay-Sharp cutting Edges (Scalloped & Straight)
440 Rc 57 Stainless Steel
One Hand Opener
Bronze Phosphorous Washers
Stainless Steel Liners and LinerLock
Commercial Grade Parts and Reinforcements
Rear Lanyard Hole
Weighs 4.3 Ounces


TripleF – Fit, Finish and Function

I like the drop-point blade with swedge. I like the partial serration. Everything in the production aligns perfectly on this knife. Locks up firmly with the linerlock! Handle is sturdy.

It’s not meant to be a pretty boy knife, rather a work knife so I’d say the fit and finish and appearance is SPOT ON!!

I used this EDC knife to:

Cut small twigs from branches.
Cut cigar caps
Make shavings for tinder
Cut slices of cardboard
Open small boxes
Cut steak and pork chop

EDCKNIFEREVIEW ShavingsSerratedKnifeReviewEDC Review WorkKnifeEDC


Special Note for the survivalist/outdoors person (what we used to be before the word survival appeared on the scene). The serrated edge makes some purty transparent shavings . I now prefer using a serrated blade for making shavings, thanks to a tip from my Wisconsin pal – Mike!!

You know when you know……ya know?

Score here – 10!


Accessibility –

Comes with a cheapie nylon velcro sheath which I did not use. I carried thie knife in a snap belt sheath I had or towards the final days the Recycled Firefighter wallet


WorkKnifeReviewEveryDayCarry – I preferred this carry most!!  

I never carried the Work Knife in my pocket – felt it was too big.

I did tie a custom made lanyard handle to gain access faster from the sheath. Opens with one hand nicely.

I’d score this folder an 8.5 out of a possible 10 steel sahlutes!

Value –

Ya know…..for Forty bucks, shipped, it ain’t half bad!

Score – 8

Sharpening –

was and still am impressed with the edge holding strength. Most of my cutting/slicing in reviewing this pocket knife came as I cut cardboard. I know, I know….carboard has stones in it. But, hey I needed cardboard cut, some knife had to do it. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the steel performed.

The only sharpening I’ve done is with a sharpening steel and

leather strop. I’ve yet to put a stone of any kind near it. I will say, however, that the sharpening steel re-honed the edge better than the leather strop did.

The edge durability definitely impressed me and can see why this would be a top contender for best every day carry work knife.

9.5 outta 10!

Collectability – 0

I’m not going to hold the lack of collectability against this knife because it’s meant to be a work knife, not a collectable.

I believe when you set out to review a knife you have to test it’s limits without using it as a pry bar and throwing knife. I believe if you say it is, then IT IS and it BETTER BE!!

Work-Knife Work Knife Review
I have to admit I was standoffish when I first read how this work knife was brutally tested by super human workers who were prime examples of more power and grunting. But,……but I’m a believer.

Total EDC KNIFE Steel Sahlute Score: 9.0!!


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