Part 2 of the review continues………….

I love experiencing the woods and cooler weather (when it comes to FL) especially with the anticipation of "crackin" (as my nephew Jacob would say) a new knife on some fallen tree limbs.  What steel brother doesn't cherish that opportunity?

So, off to the woods I went. Well, it wasn't really the woods per say, BUT it was a property that backed up to woods and…….ah heck, it was great to be outside.

When I arrived yesterday, I rushed towards the back of the property knowing a tree was awaiting to be sliced and diced by the chainsaw.  Last week I purposely left some small branches on the trunk so I could hack at them with my new  Zero Tolerance knife.  😉

Here's some pics……

a little thicker branch………..

mission complete……..

For about a half hour I continued demonstrating the power of my knife against tree branches and twigs. 

Work continued, and later in the day we purchased some rope from the local ACE Hardware to string up my tarp.  The 100 foot of rope came in a package with what looked to be zip-ties holding the 4 sides.  Little did I know, these weren't your average zip-ties, these were laced with wire, making it more like a bread tie.  

Well, as you can see, the Zero Tolerance didn't let that wire prevent me from gaining access to my rope:

Unfortunately, these 5 or 6 pics represent what was achieved over the period of a day's activites.  The knife was called on a number of other times and stayed strapped to my belt in case any whale attacks occurred, of which I felt totally confident this knife could protect me from any type of attack.

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Stay tuned for the conclusion……..
Updated: 2-3-12 

Steel Sahlute to ZT's!